What is Body Mapping?

Body Mapping is the conscious correcting and refining of one’s body map to produce efficient, coordinated, effective movement. By improving our understanding of the body’s natural design, we can eliminate misconceptions that lead to faulty and often injury-producing movement.


What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body

…was developed by Alexander Technique Teacher Barbara Conable as a six hour course designed to teach musicians how to cultivate a more accurate and adequate body map for freer movement. In this course, we explore what music education would be like if this relevant information was taught, the places of balance in the body, arms, breathing, and legs.

Workshops and masterclasses can be adapted to fit the specific needs of the group including instrument-specific workshops, professional development for teachers, or private/semi-private lessons. Book a session here!


Now, when I practice and perform, I physically and mentally feel the ground support me, and my sound resonates! After taking the Body Mapping Course with James Blumer, each time I enter the practice room, I find myself more aware of my body than before. The course has established an entirely new level of approaching my daily practice.
— Lauretta, Violinist
My voice felt significantly more free, resonant, and my breathing deepened. So simple, so effective, I wish I had known about this 20 years ago! Never too late though, and I will certainly be passing onto my students. I would highly recommend this to anyone who uses their body and wants to feel freedom and find their full potential.

Amazing stuff. Can’t thank James enough, who is not only extremely professional and knowledgable, but an all round nice guy. Can’t wait for another session!
— Elizabeth, Singer