Why study the Alexander Technique with me?

  • Enhance your performance (musicians, actors, dancers, singers, athletes)

  • Reduce chronic pain (back, neck, tension headaches, etc.)

  • Improve your coordination and movement in both everyday as well as specialized activities

  • Gain effective tools to cope with/manage stress

  • Become aware of unwanted habits that can lead to excess tension and injury

  • Understand the relevant physiology behind movement choices

  • Recover from strenuous activity

A young pianist before and after a masterclass at the Manhattan School of Music

Whether you are performing with your instrument/voice, acting out a monologue, looking to decrease your level of fatigue in the dance studio, or working with typing at the computer, you will gain a clearer kinesthetic as well as anatomical understanding of what goes on in our bodies as we go about our lives. After as little as one session, people often notice a dramatic improvement in skill, coordination, and stress management, among others. Learn to sync up with the body’s natural design for improved performance and ease while potentially avoiding injury.

I offer private/semi-private sessions, group classes, workshops, and masterclasses in a format tailored to your specific needs/requests. Book a session here!



With the technique, we use thought to direct our body to lengthen, widen, and trust itself. With James’ help, I find myself centered and pleasantly at home in myself. James knows how to convey challenging concepts with good humor and asks me what I want to carry forward and work on in and between our sessions. It’s been a pleasure being James’ student. He knows that his personal work with the technique is vital to conveying its understanding. He loves the work and that love comes though.
— Matt, Actor
With each body awareness and knowing for the first time the real construction of my body (and I am a masseuse!); which James so clearly showed me, I felt my voice effortlessly SHIFT. I didn’t do anything, and it just shifted into a place I had been working for years to find (and never did)
— Liz, Singer, Teacher, Massage and Sound Therapist
It’s almost like I have more arm! It’s maybe not that I wasn’t using it all before but now I know HOW to use it
— Jonathan, Violist
I learned more about breathing in one lesson with James than from any of my voice lessons
— Meredith, Soprano